Honoring Our Work

As a way to chronicle how MSAN has lived into its mission, please take a few moments to share a reflection you have about how MSAN has influenced you and/or your district. Scroll down to contribute.

Kids. Kids. Kids.

These words guide the vision and mission of MSAN and I am so pleased to have been a part of its rich history. Everything we offer to our kids tells them what we value. MSAN certainly holds this belief at the center of of their work. - Deb Delisle

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men

It has been a pleasure to be affiliated with the MSAN. This organization has championed the quote by Frederick Douglass. - Hubert McIntyre

This organization (meaning, its people) is truly changing the world

The influence of MSAN colleagues on antiracist work in my personal and professional life, in my school district, and now in my university, cannot be overstated. -Sally Lyon

I have had the honor to meet and work beside some of the most inspirational people that I have ever met

MSAN is about many things, but none more important than working tirelessly to end the practices and structures that keep racial opportunity/achievement gaps in place. - Rita Tantillo

Safe Space

Best learning experience and ability to speak ones truth in a safe space. - Joylynn Pruitt-Adams

The networking was exceptional

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with MSAN. I learned so much about the disparities in student achievement and what to do to address these disparities.MSAN provides a safe place to discuss these issues. - Daniel Nerad

Honoring our work

Reflections from MSAN members, partners, and friends.