MSAN 20th Anniversary Celebration

Join current and former MSAN colleagues in celebrating 20 years of MSAN’s research, professional learning, and advocacy work! Together with researchers and equity leaders from across the United States, we will be gathering to reflect on what MSAN’s work has meant within individual districts and as a collective and engaging in collaborative visioning for MSAN’s future.

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Special guests include:

  • Allan Alson and Laura Cooper, founders of MSAN and former Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent in Evanston Township High School District
  • Gloria Ladson-Billings, founding member of MSAN’s Research Advisory Council and Professor Emerita at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Deb Delisle, former Assistant Secretary of Education and former MSAN Superintendent, Cleveland Heights-University Heights, OH
  • Awilda Rodriguez, lead researcher of one of MSAN’s current research partnerships, the Transforming Advanced Placement Project, and Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan
  • Student Leadership Session: Educators and student leaders who were present at the first MSAN Student Conference in 1999 will join us to discuss the essential role student voice plays in district-level equity work.
  • Other invited guests include members of MSAN’s Governing Board and Research Practitioner Council from 1999-today, researchers from across the United States who have worked with MSAN, and YOU!!!